Couples and Relationship Transformation

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Author and Publisher: Adrian Anderson

17th January 2019

“He wanted one thing, she wanted another, they couldn’t have their cake so they ate each other.”

We could say the rule for a happy couple relationship experience is, we must have effective communication. The power of communication leads intimacy, synergy intimacy and we can imagine a whole lot of wonderful things. Couple relationships like all other relationship provides recognition, stimulation and certainty and positive emotional and other aspects of health, and compassion.

At Cognitive Behavioural Transformations (CBT), couples who are suffering or struggling to see their strengths, are supported to develop communication and other skills that can dwindle in the unique to the relationship.

From the work we do we know that starting a relationship with positive communication, or repairing ruptures in communication or restart conversations and restore inner peace, eliminate resentment and hostility and restore love and compassion.

Anxiety symptom management 

  • Generalised anxiety and depression symptom management for couples
    •Assertiveness skills in couples relationship training
  • Communication skills training 
    • Self esteem improvement
    • Self awareness workshops 
    • Parent and child relationship support
    • Post domestic violence and abuse intervention


Clients can access the service by contacting me by email: or telephone: 07985228509.