Going Back To Being A Humbled Child to Collect Compassion That Was Left Behind😊

Author: Adrian Anderson

Compassion – is the clear seeing and recognition of suffering and wanting or needing to do something about it, to reduce or alleviate suffering. Suffering cannot be eliminated, but we can do something about a particular suffering becoming a legacy passed from one generation to the next. It can be our own suffering or the suffering or of others or both,seeing other suffer can be suffering. We cannot alleviate or reduce a particular suffering without understanding what is causing the suffering now. Most suffering has it roots in history not mystery. We will only see this when we understand our suffering and see things we never see or hear things we have never heard. Nothing cause suffering more that the critical voice and the wilful acts or ommission of manipulation that human being perform.

What if the easiest way to understand suffering is to be able to see and hear the world through the ears and eyes of the children. Imagine if we could see what happens when family systems in the ears eyes of a child becomes broken. What if we could see how the order of love and responsibility change when a love giver dies and a perpetrators of cruelty steps in. What if we could see that those who are trusted becomes the perpetrators of manipulator because manipulation and suffering is normalised. The answers is the children will learn to manipulate or manipulated instead of managing or be managed.
We know that its through the eyes of the children now that adults that can see reduce their powers for suffering children. Every adult body is the covering of a child thats trapped within. Studying the responses of the children now can give a good indication of the children trapped within the adults. If suffering is studied and understood we can identify where to place the bandage of compassion for healing and how to challege the manipulation of the children trapped in the adults, the children now and the children’s children.

We know that the greatest suffering for children and children who become adults, is the suffering caused by an imbalance of power that disempowers and cause a life time of pain. For example infantalisation – keeping children in an infant like stage to meet adults needs through the withdrawl of the resources that are needed to develop in mind and spirit.
We cannot substantiate the need for compassion with our resources and intellect.

We can, and must substantiate this with the words from a source proven to be greater that all sources, and out ranks all the writings, resources and references of mankind- the word of the divine. The minds of the children are their Kingdom of heaven as is the minds of the humble adults.

And he said: “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 18 v 2-4)

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