Empowering the Children

Childhood is the first part of an individual’s being in becoming human. They come into this world vulnerable to being shaped into what adults and different parts of the world expect them to be and become, irrespective if its fair for the child or not. Gone are the days when children were told that adults have all the resources and power. Children have come to be resilient and realise that they are most always powerful, always were was and always will be and are holding their inherit power that they came to earth with. Children are suffering on many levels for many reasons and require compassionate conversations to help them to heal, develop, become the best learners, to be safe and vulnerable human beings without the risks.

Manipulation and control can no longer keep children oppressed, suppressed or manipulated shaped into an object and be disempowered. Adults and social powers have to change their stance and ask children “how can ‘we’ work together to empower you?”how can we share power and control?” Adults who use the old stance are exposed as powerless in their false concept of power and bravado.

No longer is social control implemented by inducing guilt, shame, and mind manipulation of children. This is not a rebellion its their liberation through information. That style is more likely to work with vulnerable adults with a mindset shaped by the concept of slave masters and colonizers. Children have knowledge at their fingertips that they share in the clouds of technology, in isolation out of sight of the anxious controlling, manipulative adults witholding power. They can tell adults that knowledge in not power but combined power with humimity is true power. For children slavery has vanished, freedom is here, no more shouting or beatings or manipulating or breath taking fear that breaks mind body and spirit. Adults must restore thier humility as children.

The truth is that children need a model of power to observe and remodel. The sad truth is they do have models that they remodel and get punished for remodelling. It even more sad that when they remodel adults examples it make adults angry, abusive, manipulative, offer discipline for children who model adults indiscipline. We spend money to put interventions in place so that they dont remodel what adults model. I imagine if all children told all adult teachers the “I will kill you miss” when the children are angry. What would would our world look like?