Kindness should be top of the order today

When we have suffered acts of unkindness long enough we will know. We will reject another spoon full of the thing it is horrible. We will reject criticism, attack on us, on others and unkindness of all sorts. We will stop all acts of unkindness from others and to our “self.” its unacceptable, abnormal and damaging to our mind, body, spirit and soul. Its a waste of our gift of life. Our minds, body and spirits combine to give us our gift. To abuse or allow any part of that combination to be abused, or to abuse yourself is self destructive and set a bad example for others to follow.🙏🏾

Vexation of our or others spirit is a waste of time. Negative thinking is a waste of thoughts. Verbal conflict with ourselves and others is a waste of words. Anger, resentment, jealousy, envy, malice, bravado, shame are a waste of energy and burn us out. Its a waste of our gifts of spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional energy, you will notice the tiredness before your feet touch the ground in the mornings. Compassion- the clear seeing and recognition of suffering and wanting to do something to stop, reduce or using God’s annointment, his gifts, his words to sooth the pain. We can offer our gifts of compassion just by observing kindly and not interfering, so others can make sense of their suffering and their transferred suffeing to otjers.

People will always be who they are and who they choose to be, kind or cruel. That what really makes the world go round (Damion Marley). Unconditional love is scarce, lets get use to that and see what it looks like. With the choice to be right or kind. We must choose to be kind in place of being right or perfect when being kind is good enough. We don’t have to be right with ourselves and within ourselves when being kind within is enough. Why crucify ourselves when the perfect son of man was crucified so we dont have to be cruel or abusive to ourselves or others, try compassion. We have clear instructions and informed consent to model and remodel compassion from our sources that are greater than us spiritually. Christ our ancestors and those with us who know what compassion means for humanity.

As human beings we are all good and good enough inside. Our goodness might be buried by the landsides and rubble from our storms. The truth is after a storm there is a calm and with time the trees that have been damaged becomes green, luscious and fruitful. They offer their gifts in surplus because they are happy for the storm. If we can bear our storms we can all reap in our calms.