Shame stops Gift Celebrations

Life is a path that we should throd moment by moment conscioisly and in peace to meet suffering. The reason, it it throdded to quickly in anxiety we have to retract our steps to gain consciousess of missed scenery that hold our learning. Life is a gift from a source greater than our egos with a teaching plan for us to find meaning and purpose. What is written here is a product of retracing my steps and to make sense of parts of the journey.

When we accept this one gift, our first blessing, the gift of life, other gifts are added unto us that must be celebrated. Our celebration is an act of showing our appreciation, our acceptance, our gratitude, our williningness to take resopnsibility to look after our gifts, as individuals and collectively. Our children, people in social and familyrelationships, our marriage are gifts. It is in our celebrations we recognise or remember we are never alone, we are never without gifts and therefore we always have something to be grateful and apprecitve for in our life. It is the gifts within our gift of life, our metagifts that are most crucial. We must celebrate our purpose closeness to our created and creative source, ourselves and others. If we are not too proud or too ashamed to do so and prosper.

What we unlock on earth we unlock in Heaven. Celebration on earth say appreciation and celebration in higher places and our souls. Celebration initiates humility. As an experiential learner, one of the biggest cause of suffeing is a uncelebrated marriage, couple realtionship. Children have become crippled by the shame before they were born. A shame that has terminated and stayed resident in family systems for generations. Shame so deep it is passed from one generation to next due to a lack of celebration for the gifts achievements, purpose and mastery of the ancestors and those here and now. I have seen suffereing in shame perpetutated by human beings not recognising that they are human, seeking perfection for themselves and other or just simply setting too high standards to avoid shame. Becasue of false or pride excessive, or family system usually clogged by shame. W The suffering is only alleviated by dropping the excessive pride or excessive shame and embarassment and replacing those emotions with celebration in humility.

Becoming trapped between internal and external creates a deeper shame. This depth of shame can obliterate all pride and mindconcepts of celebration of our gifts. Shame like most emotions is invisible. We experience shame internally based on how we see ourselves and externally. It is a sticky emotion that cause disconnection from ourselves and others. This messy emotions stop us celebrating our gifts, our marriage, achievements the goodness of ourselves and others.Shame results in disconnection, isolation, withdrawl and asking others not to come close. Shame can result in dissociation- rejection of self, others and by default our creator. Disassociating from our creator results in lack of creative energy and we cannot celebrate what we dont create for ourselves or with others.

We must be able to accept with compasion who we are as a people, who we are as a person, who we are as a result of our relationships with humility to reduce the intensity of our shame. We must accept our ancestors pasts and accept that, we can change our pants, trousers, and shirt. We cannot change our past and we cannot change our family and our family system however we can accept and be humbled their achievements.