Knife Crime – The Depth of Wounds That Ripples Now

Diving Deep Thinking Long
For us to make sense of the current strife and knife crime situation a we must think as deep as the deepest wound as long as the longest whip and blades that have createdsimilar wounds of the past. These wounds are both visible and invisible and have a rippling effect from one generation to the next. No one in the now is left unscathed from the blade of a knife, just as we are still not unscathed by the lash of a whip then that caused sore on our ancestors back. So, we must also think as long as a whip, and the expanse of the damage that the nine tails of the whip caused with one swing, that continues to ripple into our present and threaten our future-our children. The aim is not to get under the reader’s skin or lick any wounds to cause pain or cause vicarious suffering. Not everyone can endure lime and salt or bean leaf and salt to scrub a wound to make it worse short-term be long-term healing if it’s not done with care and compassion.

Not everyone welcomes harsh truths and attention to what is evident. There is a significant benefit to our failures to heal and it outweighs the cost. No one want to wash the bitterness out of the honey jars, just as a fly spoils ointment that heals. In my long and deep thinking and experience what I have seen is the denial that we are deeply wounded and wounding on the inside. The wounds of the knife is a reflection and externalising of the wound on the inside cause be many a hurting without healing.
“Wounded people wound people, hurt people hurt people and suffering people cause suffering. It’s difficult to be hurting and compassionate and simultaneously.
Knife Crime is Evidence That There is A loss of PEACE and an inheritance of strife.

Anyone who have read and experience the depths after spending time deeply immersed in our Ocean or reflection on what is happening now, knows what my Acronym for P-E-A-C-E is to create meaning. And if we read pervious blogs, we will remember what the blind man who was selling rice told his customers. The blind man said, “observe for yourself, don’t trust my eyes.” A big part of what we see is the streets is the evidence of the pain in the absence of peace and the lack of recognition that there is suffering on a large scale.

Purpose – When it is not taken, our youths have lost a sense of purpose, pleasure, are unable problems, and are not skilled to conflict solve to resolve differences. Our sons have loss purpose through being parentified and burdened by the responsibilities of manhood as children. This has resulted in them missing out on critical aspects of life stages and learning. They lack the competence of manhood and are ashamed when they fail to live up to standards they set themselves as males or boys that only men can achieve. They then have to defend their deficits, embarrassment, or shame with a bravado. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the plethora or problems they face internally and externally.

Enjoyment – The concept of enjoyment is an absent experience for many youth. Social exclusion, excluded from school and socio-economic deficiencies prevent access to safe environments that hold their human needs.
Achievement – Academic and employment achievement is impossible with exclusions. He that opens the door to a school open the door to a prison. Who is closing the doors on the youth? They are the one opening the door to crime. Statics from youth justice research indicates that, the child that is excluded from or not engaging in education and employment is more likely to commit a crime, gain a criminal record and his future is already come and past-that’s history.

Compassion – Closeness, connection, community, compassion, loving communication and conversation in which to contemplate life are crucial. Without the closeness of family, community, school and the recognition that our children are suffering we neglect them. Without soothing of closeness and compassion they are hurting as we are hurting. Hurting adults cannot be close to children and community. Let me stop here, hurt people hurt people and I am hurting enough just writing.
Energy- to Engage, Experience, Endure. Our youths are hopeless, depressed and anxious due to the absence the factors above. Hence they lack the practice to be resilient and know themselves or have to be too resilient. They have become isolated in a world that has a lot of people yet they are lonely. Their has infinite space yet they are confined, to a room, in a cell in a post code in a school that contain them when they go against the status quo. Isolated, withdrawn, socially excluded without compassion, they go mad, insane, depressed, delusional and the list go on. And who benefits from the cost? Don’t trust my eyes, see for yourself.

Note for consideration
There are a plethora of reason for knife crime, all of which should not have happened or be still be our reality today. These reasons include oppression and exclusion and treatment not fitting for any human. If we do the statics we will see that those who are dead, imprisoned, held responsible or is suffering the loss have certain inherited traits that defines them or is used to define and separate them. The truth is our children have become filled with the strife and turn to the knife hurting and wounding, from not just their experiences but from the experiences of our ancestors that were wounded and did not live long enough to heal or even allowed the privilege of healing.

The wounding we see now is the youths taking their freedom to express the internal wounds with realising the perpetrating of death and destruction to humanity, community, family and their ancestry. Violence is not acceptable and should not be minimised, dismissed, denied or justified in any way. It must not be allowed to happen, it shouldn’t happen again, stop full stop, these are children. When I have dived deep and deluge in the world of the past from the present, it is heart breaking to see the youths still breaking their backs under a legacy loaded on to them. With the burdens loaded on to them from early and earlier life experiences, they have lost the capacity to achieve peace and enjoyment of life.