Meditation is the medication for self healing

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 Through finding self- compassion and meditation I have discovered the meaning of cognitive  behavioral transformation. Meditation  not medication is needed for finding a displaced self concept.

Staying in the moment is the greatest depth that one can ever achieve in the discovery of the true self and is improved throught meditatation not medication. This behavior helps to reduce daily distressand is a healthy habit or skill to develop for pesonal and professional development and find a positive self image in ones mind if it appears missing. Finding a mind space that is free from the noise and haste give the mind a chance to catch a breath whie the body breathe with inspiration affecting the spirit. When we find this space and time we can go there to transform positively and find inner peace and meet our true selfves that ws displaced from the turmiol of self attack.  It might appear lonely if our focus of attention is place on the actions of othes or it we become hattached to other minds in our mindlessness due to lackk of mindfulness. We become frightened if in the rush and drifting of minds when we dont stay stay grounded in our own mind and our moments.  Our bodies and spirit feels and experience the abandoment of the mind when it goes to the past and the future in a blink of an eye or less. 

Meditation and mindfulness combined,  grounds, connects and  keeps the mind body and spirit in one place and in alignment. So,  we experience a sense of peace and give ourselfves a break from excessive movement. Sometimes all we need to heal is the recognition that we can be grounded in mind body and spirit and not experience an attack that on the self by the self or others that will cause harm or death. The greatest threat to are the voices of criticism and atttack that comes from within that are most audible in sience. Thenext threat in the harshness of the voices of criticism and attack that is normalised in the noise and haste at church,  at school, at work and at home. When meditating and grounding the mind in the moment is normalisd all the sense become enhanced or maybe recovered to fuller functioning.  Medation not only resut in cognitive and behavioural transformation heals and or restore five the senses as well as our sixth sense.

Deep meditation as an option for healng mind body and spirit has to be personal and intentional choice. It equires practive for improvment and progress and displacs the the dysfunctional thought that practice makes perfect and permnent that hasbeen taugh for centuries and hasdriven people made seeking the impossible perfecton and recurring experience of failure. Some might ease God out of their meditation and it requires a safe compassinate source to go into meditation that is greater than us. If we take a compassionate source with us, a lantern, a true light we are more likely to see what happening now and a refelction of our true image. Not many people will dive with us to see us in seach offinding themselves for themself, and when they do willingly, they experience a quality in time  which that enrich the moments, even for ten minutes. Some tried deep meditation and thought they were running out of breath and resurfaced. At the surface is drama, below surface is trauma and its about finding middle ground between drama and trauma to chill out in the moment to look at both without tuching them or forgetting them. It is a place to recognie that yeterday is history , tomorrow is a mystery, today is the present and we can only unwrap a present, in this case the resent is he gift of live  in a moment.

And facing our trauma is ok, its how we heal to become a healer. Howeve, there is nothing more frightening that compassion when offered before warming it in oil. Cold compassion is just as painful as the hot one added to a traima wound. Meditation allows for the seeing of suffering, then testing of depth and temperature over time where compassion will work better than medication and invisible bandages. Trauma wounds are bandaged to hide the wound, stop the feelings of guilt, shame, anger and responsibility of some kind. These work short term , long term the wounds worsen as does the pain and infect others. Healing and becoming has to be a lovely lonely place to be, it  has to be or it will become contaminated by the wounds of others who are dripping on the floors that we have wiped clean of trauma.

We eventually meet people who are as deep as we are, then we realise we are not alone. We realise that by transforming our cognitive behaviors we attract more compassinte others and experiences as we journey to seek heaing and we heal in our interpersonal reationships and relationships with ourselves  to become brighter beings not intellects. We are part of a colony that lives deep and accept the surface levels, appreciates and is thankfulfor the dramas and traumas and make peace with situations, thoughts, distressing inner body experences and the past dysfunctions. Without the dramas and the traumas that displaced our peace in exchange for turmoil we would not be exerts at restoringpeace and healing of minds and bodies.

A colony with such inhabitants are real, safe and purposeful, they have evaded the drama of conflict of the individualist, egotistic, hiearchical structures,perfectionist, expectations that is wounding to the mind body and spirit . They are deep because they realise that they are vulneaable on the surface, without resources that are offered by thesources of light greater that humanity, and in the depth there is an order in responsibility, love and respect. Below they can assert themselves in a positive assertive way,not passive aggressive style. Most of all in their depth there is an absence of competitiveness,comparison, cantrasting ad pure acceptance of their unique gifts and the unique gifts of others as we serve our true purpose in every changing moment. In our depth in our colony we live in an ever growing sense of appreciation, purpose, enjoyment, sense of achievement, closeness and positive energy. We are at PEACE. We are grateful, thankful for all that we are and were given to serve humanity on the surface.

Words to cosider

Before practicing deep meditation, please ensure that you have treated your worries, rumination, self criticism and the fear of criticism from others, and is prepare for.moments of thinking that you are alone which could lead to short term paranoia before long term recovery from drama and trauma. Ensure you have a positive fuck you attitude, or ability to remain silent and hear the voice of compassion. Be observing and reflecting, evaluating the feedbak coming in and going out, so as not cause further harm and break the cycle of self and other abuse that comes from angry and harsh feedback to self and otjers. Hurt people hurt people intentionally and unintentionally. Dont waste the energy of peace to challenge the critic, put this energy into self and other compassion and watch us all heal.