Sounds Like the Youths Need a Break

“If our children are not well we are not well, so lets not turn a blind eyes to their unwellness or they will become pale.”

Our children are in turmoil!! Our children are shouting “we are not well in hell!!” Can you hear them?

Hope this will shift some perspective and bring about some new positive, change in thoughts, and attitude towards our youths, even a tiny bit.

Listening and looking at whats happening socially and in our communities,the youths need a break. When was the last time you gave a child, a youth a break. We are sons and daughters of one, mothers, fathers, brothers sisters to many.

Anyone who have read and experience the previous reflections know how P-E-A-C-E can be created. If you have read pervious blogs, you will rememer the blind man said, “see for yourself, don’t trust my eyes.” Just acknowledging we all see differently.

P- our youths have lost a sense of purpose, pleasure, problems and conflict solving and resolving skills. Our sons have come to find purpose through being parentified and burdened by the responsibilities of manhood as children. They lack the competence of manhood and are ashamed when they fail to live up to standards. They then have to defend what they don’t have, experience for manhood and defend this with a bravado. Let me stop there.

E- enjoyment is an absent experience. Social excsion, excluded from school and socio-economic deficiencies prevent access to basic human needs.

A- Academic and employment achievement is impossible with exclusions. He that opens the door to a school open the door to a prison. Who is closing the doors on the youth? They are the one opening the door to crime. Statics from youth justice research indicates that, the child that is excluded from or not engaging in education and employment is more likely to commit a crime, gain a criminal record and his future is already come and past-thats history.

C- Closeness, Community and Compassion. Without the closeness of family, community, school and the recognition that our children are suffering, we neglect them. Without soothing of closeness and compassion they are hurting as we are hurting. Hurting adults cannot be close to children and community. Hurt people hurt people and I am hurting enough just writing.

E- Energy to Engage, Experience, Endure. Our youths lack resilience and are hopeless, depressed and anxious due to the absence of the above “E” above required for them to get a buzz in life. Hence they lack the practice to be resilient and know themselves. They have become Excluded from the world that has a lot of people, and are lonely. Their has an infinite space yet they are confined, to a room, in a cell in a post code. Isolated, withdrawn, socially excluded without compassion, the go mad, insane, depressed, delusional and the list go on. And who benefits from the cost? Dont trust my eyes, see for yourself.

Note for consideration

There are a plethora of reason for a loss of peace, all of which should not have happened or be still be our reality today.

These reasons include oppression and exclusion and treatment not fitting for any human. If we do the statics we will see that those who are dead, imprisoned, held responsible or is suffering the loss have certain inherited traits that defines them or is used to define and separate them.

The truth is our children have become filled with turmoil and turn to the hurting and wounding to express their pain that they believe cannot be spoken, not just their experiences but from the experiences of our ancestors that were wounded and did not live long enough to heal or even allowed the privilege of healing.

The wounding we see now is the youths taking their freedom to express the internal wounds with realising the perpetrating of death and destruction to humanity, community, family and their ancestry. Violence is not acceptable and should not be minimised, dismissed, denied or justified in any way. It must not be allowed to happen, it shouldn’t happen again, stop full stop, these are children.

I wonder if we stay in the present and dive deep, and devlege in the world of the past from the present, Would we be heart broken to see the youths still breaking their backs under a legacy loaded on to them.

With the burdens loaded on to them from early and earlier life experiences, they have lost the capacity to achieve peace and enjoyment of life they deserve to have that fire of hope burning into the future.