The Dilema for “I” and “I”

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Written: By Adrian Anderson

Edited by: The Children

27 March 2019

I have sat with the “I” for years months and days, it “I” have evaluated and then appraised. The final conclusion has left me dazed. My discovery I will here share, if you already know you wont be amazed.

I have seen the “I” cry when it had to be “Me” and passed out in a fit when it had to be “We” and flee to isolation and state if insaneetee, and defy change by taking excessive other responsibility.

What is written here, I know its true, it was repeated over and over and checked thorugh and through. For years like a tiny stone “I” wore it in my shoe, not just one but two even when they were new.

I am this, I am that, I not, I am, I am, I am. So we are not we are not, we are not, all of this leaves our stomachs in knots. Like a tree through a storm, ever in turmoil never experiencing a calm.

“We” may not see the “I” in the “we” but its there as others can see.

We may not see the “I” in “we” because our eyes are only on the “I” in me. Rasta know that its really the “I” and “I” thar are in unity to make the “m.”

If we allow my “I” to see your “I”, and agree we dont have to see eye to eye, then we have a vision without division. Then “we” can achieve goals that “I”could not imagine in isolation.

“I” needs a healthy dose recognition and stimulation, to be certain and reach self actualisation, to be and become or “we” will face retardation and stagnation.

There is a place we can go to look at the “I”with a fresh pair of eyes, when others might think “I” is too self important or not important enough.

“I” needs to go with “us” to be not left alone or left behind. When “I” scream in isolation no one will come to the desolation, because I-so-late.

“I” is weak on its own, its imperfect thinking it is perfect, dulusional thinking that its not.”I”, its a lies dying inside saying I am alive on the outside. I can be fake calling irresponsibility a mistake and want to punish imperfection as it put everything at stake.

“I” is a spirit that requires conscious attention, not worship, for creation and inspiration, or its total self and others destruction as it default solution. It grows with positive meditation and cannot be treated with medication and can only become better with inner self education.

“I” that have lacks compassion for its self, suffers with isolation and never see others suffering.

Then I on its own is self attacking, critical, hostile to “I” and “I”, never seeking recovery of its humanity, never seeking its discovery. Always seeking to get high never stopping, is on a free way to anywhere never getting there. Running out of gas and is pushing its self endlessly.

The I is always there or then, never here and now. Always in the past or the future, addressing the histories or the mysteries never appreciating what was, what is, who has, who is and what the gift is in the now. Not appreciating the sacrifices while claiming the gains, complaining of the pains, never knowing if it to leave or remain.

I becomes well when it recognises God, the sacrifices of those before us, us, you, me. It become well when it accepts, appreciate, is thankful and grateful for the gifts of life.