Listen “Lauryn Hill – We gotta Find Peace Of Mind.

Knowing nothing is impossible if we can hear the divine voice and eliminate the loud self-critical voice, that bullies us and hold our mind space captive. We have inherited our thoughts of impossible from our critics and have become our worst critic. We have captured to ourselves from the language we internalise to become our abusers as well,  All things are possible through God our greatest source.

When God and the divine self  meet and challenge the ctitical self defeating internal reference point, peace, purpose, enjoyment of life, sense of achievement and oneness is achievable. This is expressed nicely and spiritually by Miss Lauryn Hill. When the self critical self is identified and there is a readiness to challenge and take back the God consciousness.

I am shareing this from you tube and the rights to the song still remain with the writer. It helps with the reflection on how we lose and find peace of mind. God spirit in all thing and all inspirations.