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Authour and publisher:Adrian Anderson

22 January 2019

“For women intimacy leads to sex for men sex leads to intimacy”

At Cognitive Behavioural Transformations we know that people at their core are good. We know too that two or more people can find themselves in a bad realtionship without realising how they got there in the first place. People who use Cognitive Behavioural Transformations have benefitted from the communication skillls training and other skills they were taught to practive and improve their relationship. They were alos able to transfer some of these skills in there relating in other systemic context.

Difficulties in couple relationshipcan happen for seveal reasons. The loss of peace and soothing can be as a result of unacceptable behaviours, negative thoughts, beliefs orconflicting values and human differences or similarities. This can further result in a lack of care, lack in compassion and carriedd feelings. The experiencing of feelings of rejection, shame, anger and resentment displaces loving encounters. and leads not having human need met through or in the relationship.

We aim to create transformation through identifying what is working and the strengths in the realtionship. The strength of and the recovery of a healthy relationship exist in the ability to further, restart, restore and improve conversation with the same or better communication that woks well for the couple at the start of the relationship.

Positive communication with an empowering influence creates the synergy that results in couples achieving so much morein life and love than the individual. Adding mindfulness with attention to self and other compassion make it even more delightful. Communication leads to real Synergistic exchange (S-ex) between mind, body and spirit.

Communication is achieved through verbal non verbal written of graphic styles. A partner wearing their sexiest night wear can be a non verbal message. A lack of effective communication results in a turbulent mind and suffering of negative emotions that can only be treated with setting time aside or providing a medium for communication to discharge trapped feelings and reset positive energy in motion for synergy.

There are two communication styles that leads to suffering, passive aggressive or a combination of passive and aggressive. The third, which is positive assertive, leads to joy and bliss.

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