Pleasant Possibilities for Practicing  Peace and Love Permanently 


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Authored and published by Adrian Anderson 14th January 2019

“Aggravation cannot exist within unless we invite it in through thoughts worry or chew over the past and be without our God’s consciousness.”

We would not send an aeroplane to fly across the Atlantic Ocean without an adequate amount of the correct fuel and the right map or navigation system. We can only imagine the outcomes. I might be partly right. Such is travelling the journey of life without compassion for ourselves, others and the world we live in together. Our world must remain unique to us. We will never be sure what other worlds are like, unless we enter and experience that world, so we cannot speak into unknown worlds. We cannot know what peace or the absence of peace is like, unless we can identify what aggravates our worlds. Aggravated and aggravating is the mind that is mindless and the body it exist with. If we explore our psychohistory, we might conclude that, we have lost some peace crossing the Atlantic  to get here. An amazing grace is finding and restoring our peace and restoring our minds, that is aggravating. We cannot be aggravated and not be aggravating unless we develop consciousness and awareness of the loss of our peace. It is good to then sit in silence and hear that positive voice that is most peaceful and most loving, as the aggravations of the past and the worries of the future are paused in the here and now, for breaths of compassion. We can then, in a moment of peace and compassion exercise forgiveness of ourselves and others for devaluing our peace and our mental health with it.

Repetition is the master of learning it is said, and so is reflection, experiencing, seeing for ourselves, or taking other people’s words for it to find out. So, repeating words like self-compassion, other compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, gratitude, humility, humanity, harmony; to see experience and find out for myself and address what might be ignore-ance, avoidance or is not aware of. What we focus on most we see, what we repeat we learn, what we don’t see or repeat we might not know. Ignorance is said to be bliss too and useful to justify ignorance and arrogance and a lack of humility.  If the positive words are repeated  enough, there will be the discovery of meaning, and they are  can be reflected on in the here and now the enhance our experience and enjoyment  of life in the moment as they become a part of our vocabulary.

Since the discovery of these and other wonderfully positive words, their images and their meaning floating in thoughts, the world relationship with it, as well as relationship with others  human beings, have become illuminated in a wonderful way, as it seen through a compassionate  spectacle. The spectacles of compassion allows for the peripheral vision of passive aggressive,  aggressive and passive aggressive encounters  and not give them the attention they seek. The new perspective has allowed for the observation that, when love is present compassion and we are present focus compassion exposes the truth even it its half right.  LOVE and PEACE, are two wonderful subjects when seen on their own or together  holding hands.  When both are bounded by compassion and are enjoyed by living moment by moment. They conquer all too. In their synergy they produce a positive mental and psychic energy, that is not to be contaminated, especially when God is added to the mix. mindfulness is needed to protect and keep safe this synergy self and other criticism and attack. To have a healthy compassionate mind we must feed it Godly, loving, kind experiences and memories. By will, creating memories that we can accept, appreciate and allow it to vibrate in humility is peace, through our relationships.

To ensure that we stay positive let us not  look at the accumulative impact of the deficits for too long, lets move back to the positive presents and plaster our person with peace. Mind space is a wonderful thing to waste. These words and their meanings are vital for the finding of meaning and positive existence of mankind in relationship with their world, other and the future.  Most importantly, the productive use of mind space will ensure the “Pleasant Possibilities for Practicing Peace and Love Permanently.”   and eliminate all anthesis for the peaceful healthy relationship with ourselves. The simplest test is how we criticise our selves and others when we think things not how or what we expect for ourselves. How we talk with ourselves and others ensure we can see and be the best humanly and soothe our hearts if it beats vigorously in our chest, or slow things down by attending to our breath “now” as the past is gone and the future is not here yet.

To have positive qualities and live a life of gratitude, acceptance, humility and appreciation  are attributes that must be held genuinely and honestly in our environment. From early life we must learn to create a mind space to love God, ourselves each other, those two things . We must practice to improve, progress and demonstrate these qualities in to adulthood. The truth is when we have been taught or expose to the need for survival or existence, as opposed feeling safe, love, belonging and experience nurturing, we think we have little to be grateful or thankful for. I have learnt that as I started living.  More significantly when were originated in a deficit environment ; we develop an excessive needs, become too self-reliant and can lose consciousness of a source grater than humanity.  The ability navigate difficult circumstances, to set and reach standards for survival, can eliminate or strengthen our beliefs in a greater source or others. The combination of excessive beliefs outside of ourselves or in ourselves could lead to a lack in a balanced humility and balanced consciousness of, God, others with fluctuating faith our if we realise God and humanity.

The ability to practice persistently peaceful personal pieces of pleasant prayers to purposefully pacify the part of the mind that plays and produce positive pictures to eliminate perfection and initiate progress is a pleasant place to start the process of PEACE and LOVE recovery. To be positive let us not say Insanity as that don’t sit well with humanity.


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