The Effects of Power on Mental Health

The weak have the power the strong has the response.
Author: Adrian Anderson

Written 02nd January 2019

“For thine is the kingdom the power and the glory for ever and ever , amen”

When we have seen enough of the madness everything is about mental health. As the old sayings go, we cannot swim in the river of insanity without getting wet by it. And, if we can stay in the moment, we can observe what happens when the lunatic take over the mad house, or just the house. It only take a moment of madness to cause a life time of sadness. So stop for a moment imagine another human being experiencing repeated moments of madness and not having the power to stop it, because there is no power yet and might never will.

Unearthed or ungrounded power hurts because when any power is  discharged improperly and come into contact with the human mind, body or spirit, it ripples through and split these aspects and shock and stresses the human beings’ system. The greatest power we have is the ability to be in charge of our minds and use that charge mindfully to be present, focused, and stay grounded in our reality. A mind that is mindless is ungrounded, dangerous and not helpful to our body and spirit. The wiring of a mind starts long before the synergy of the synergy of our parents  cells merged to start our beginning, becoming and being.

Consider the significant impact of domestic and its significant harm to children that is normalised. This can cause the human experience to appear powerless from childhood to adulthood, passed forward to future children and impact mental health negatively for generation. Unregulated power and unregulated control, are two of the destructive forces that the human mind, body, soul and spirit can encounter. This will have a significant negative or positive impact on personality due to the high voltage charge they have on the mind and spirit of a human being, causing post traumatic spirit, mind body disorder. The impact of the force of power and their effects are invisible and can only be seen on behavioural response. The shock of ill used power is traumatic and leaves the shocked suffering without resistance or resilience. Power used well is empowering.

The trauma from negative power is invisible, long lasting and accumulating. Positive influence can bring light to brighten a soul or darkens it. For example, if agents of social change becomes agent of social control and power, then ultimate power might corrupt ultimately and brings darkness and a loss of the empowering effects of positive change.
Ask a child who was overpowered by their parents, adults in their childhood or peers. Then have a conversation with a person being human without negative experiences of overpowering and controlling experiences. Or, check this out with a patient who is not able to have a say in their care plan with a GP and not hear their struggles with an aspect of health.

Recently there was the realisation that the experiences and engagement with being overpowered and overpowering can become normalised, dismissed or minimised and accepted. We can become unconsciously prone to or be drawn to environments with power imbalance.
There can then be an experience where we observe the salient effects, affects and consequences of the ill use of power by human beings towards other human beings. This has brought some awakening and awareness and consciousness of the positive and negative consequences of power in the objective and subjective world of mind, time and space.

I must clarify that not all power is ill-managed. I have been in the charge of the power and presence of individuals and environments, with well thinking human beings who have empowered me when there was I thought I was powerlessness not for control but because they saw it as a kind and humane thing to do. They balance their power by being kind when they could have chosen to be right.
The most positive examples of the positive use of power to empower others to take responsibility for their existence and destiny when we could do otherwise. They have helped me to change the way I see power, use power, inappropriate use of power to be empowering and explained how I have managed and whether other storms. We are never alone in our storms, others are just weathering in secret and silence so that their power lines don’t burn out, or that they don’t appear to have a weak resistance.

The Beauty of Shared Power
We must speak truth to power for it to become empowering and regulate its charge. With God words we know we have a power source greater tha  all power and can have the faith to speak as fear disappears.  A God concept as a Generator of shared Power is a wonderful and useful concept for human relationships and systems. imagine appropriately shared power between a parent or both parents and a child in safety. Imagine the shared power in a couple relationship, or in a network, organisation or  community.

Now imagine the harmony and peace without the aggravation. The image that comes to my mind is a world for happiness, harmony, healing and optimum human functioning without fear. When combined and used to make well, synergised power brightens our cities and keeps our homes charged by day and by night. On a human level, it lights up our souls and spirits to have a beautiful city within and a glow from close and a distance.

Well generated power combined and shared, allows for humanity to be it is most productive and there would be no need for the savagery of ego and bravado. This will leave space for humility, acceptance, appreciation, compassion and our world can be resourceful. Shared power would allow for a reduction in insanity because it would reduce, fear, mental psychological, physical anxiety spiritual anxiety at least. Our first experience of shared power was the meeting or coming together of our parents. A child is the greatest manifestation of shared power, and children become adults. Loved children love people.