Mindfulness the key to moving from survival to inspiration- breath is life

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Written and published by Adrian Anderson on the 29th December. (Unedited)

There is an African proverb that reads: “When there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do you no harm.

We are constantly seeking a better world internally and externally to achieve greater PEACE. It is our duty and we have a responsibility to ourselves, to find and recover our original concept of peace if we are in turmoil. I am discovering that peace of mind is peace for everything. When the mind is split into pieces and allocated to focus on the past and the future, and none allocated to the present, we have mental wealth problems. We are not spending our mental energies correctly, our “present” becomes piss poor, we lack “nowness.” The void of the “now” and the lack of presence in the void leads to an emptiness that we seek to fulfil. If we are not conscious in the here and now we fill the void with negatives or the negatives fills us automatically. Turmoil is a loss of a stable mental state or mood, you will know that if you ever experience low self-esteem or diagnosed with a mood challenge. It is a matter of overuse or underuse of our mental, spiritual, sexual, emotional and physical energies gifted to us for present focused use.

From processing some aspects of myself and my journey in the here and now, and focusing on how I am using my mental energies in the here and now, my mind is able to enjoy God’s present for my life, I now enjoy an amazing new way of thinking. From this example, you can then imagine the usefulness of doing the same with an awareness of the gift of others especially prayers. This is true repentance. My meditation on and hearing of new positive words and a firm self-compassionate voice has brought a peace that one cannot imagine. I was not aware I was guaranteed such peaceful moments by moment in the here and now and now and now and now.

Giving up the old way of using the mind to make way for new thinking mindfully for self-value

You would not lay new carpets on a dirty or unlevelled floor, or build a new house on an unstable foundation,  or fill a new hole in the ground with mud for good drainage, would you? When I worked in construction, we would build new houses where old foundations existed. My job was to use an excavator to rip out the old “footings “to follow a new build from a new blueprint. There goes epistemology, another Greek terminology in my English. It is a similar process for the renewing of the mind and putting in a new blueprint for thinking and speaking with yourself and others, especially the self within. Greater is he that is in me than he that is interfacing the world. Don’t tell this, but it was the lack of compassion for me within from me outside that was stealing my peace. The me outside was bullied and conditioned to treat me inside without compassion. I was allowing others to continue to treat me as I “treated” me. I have forgiven that me and them others. More fire we say, for our humility and purification, hell can wait, Rasta understand.

Thinking for ourselves with ourselves is a big responsibility and a priority

Mindfulness and meditation, cannot be achieved before addressing the negative conversations about the future, negative conversations about our historic past and the negative talk we use to address ourselves internally. We must first spot and stop our “internal bully.” We must have an awareness of the need to be self-forgiving, the need to forgive others for what we have done to ourselves, with ourselves and to each other. We, therefore, have to become aware of the consequences of self our self-criticism, other criticism, passive-aggressive attack on ourselves and each other to reduce our inner turmoil. NB. Self-bullying and self-criticism derived from early and earlier life experienced is a salient cause of poor mental health, poor intra and interpersonal relationships.

The enemy within is the negative voice of reasoning, or the non-compassionate voice, the Ego, or the lack of a God’s voice and that how we will present of the interface of life without consciousness. The enemy attacking us internally will be attacking others on the outside and appear to be winning or only seeking winnings.

What we can hear becomes a part of our mental processes or self-guidance system, you can check this against the voice of your parents, siblings, your friends and leaders of our groups or organisations if they are critical, passive or aggressive. The unconscious or conscious attack on ourselves and others results in spiritual, emotional and mental wealth devaluation and more specifically, lower our self-esteem.  This results in mood fluctuation.

No person can achieve a state of inner PEACE, meaning purpose, enjoyment, achievement, closeness or energy to engage with a constant internal state of mental turmoil. We can assert that low self -esteem is not just what is believed about ourselves but also how we act towards the self and how we allow others to treat us. I have allowed it to happen to continue to happen. I realised to consciously experience to process and understand is useful to recover my lost concept of self and our humanness.  It even more useful for me to understand and adjust my behaviours towards myself and others to release compassion.

What lack of mindfulness negativity is like a stream running under the desert sands covert in its function. At its worst expressed like a river breaking its banks in the floods when the stream of thoughts about the self becomes too much to dam up and overwhelms the soul or individual.

It is a self to self-conversation that is taking place either in the past or in the future about the “I am” or “I am not” and an absence of conversation about what is happening now. It a conversation that is extremely hostile and lacks a tune of acceptance, gratitude, thanksgiving or humility.

The drama of it all

A mind that is not present focused or mindful is a problematic mind. It sees the self and others as an object void of substance and subjectivity. Aside from being self and other attacking, “it” (it is the self) constantly telling the self that, it is, it was and will forever be a victim.  There is a strong need for compulsions as there is distrust of the said self of others in anticipation of victimisation. The overt behaviours and compulsive responses result in others feeling persecuted, not appreciated and enough is never enough. There is a not showing of gratitude or being thankful for the sources greater than the individual, while simultaneously seeking rescue and reassurance. It gives excessively and takes little is its deep state of unconsciousness, excessive self-reliance. Let me stop there, the foundations of all knowledge are self-knowledge, what we know now in the present is a gift. I am thankful to those that tolerate and taught me that nothing or no is against us the people and experiences are all teachers if we are a student of life and end all dramas.

Reform, re-inform, rescript to recover and reconnect and transform.

The treatment for self-deformation from self and other bullying or criticism is first forgiveness to all and acceptance. Then self re-formation for transformation with new positive information. What if this is done through meditation to help teach the self to have a new conversation with itself. This could be achieved by teaching the mind a new script. In mind reformation with new clean positive information that will lead to positive automatic mind material, beliefs, energy.

As a Christian or other believers, re-scripting with the scriptures and modelling Christ for the spirit and compassion. The new beliefs are extracted from who Christ says he his “I am, we are” and deciding through his script, who we are not. If he is then I am.

If he is the light then, I am bright, if he is the way, “I am on a journey.” If he is a healer, “I am healing” Overtly it schooling carefully mind h that will feed the mind especially those who have scripts that explain what if means to be black and human too, and those who just plainly script what it is to be the human full stop.

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