Words to the Child Labelled Mixed Race- Human is Human

woman reading book on gray sofa
Photo by Kayo Webster on Pexels.com

Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto,” or “I am a man, I consider nothing that is human alien to me.” Maya Angelou

Author: Adrian Anderson

I write especially to our children who are a garden of differences blooming beautifully but are beaten and bounded by bad behaviours blatant and brutish by bigots that had beaten the bounded to break  their minds, body and spirits.

God is the source of all creation, a label is man’s frustration. They use language to label with words like a race, for their domination, to make the real work sound like an imitation. Shared human traits people of the world, be proud of your identity. You are an amazing part of our humanity. Your soul is not determined by paternity, accept your synergy, it is your divinity. You should not have to choose to be with one group or another.

As we sing in Jamaica each man is our friend each man his a brother. You will be told in words so bold, you are mixed race. “What a disgrace?!”That is just a fix to get you out of the mix so that others can shine and not look at you ahead if they fear to be behind. It not too late for you to stop isolate or sneak through the gate. With awareness you can walk straight past their bait that awaits. Stop put yourself in a state, if others don’t appreciate who you are to be intimate.

Don’t rush to their gate, a patient human being will always wait. With the greatness of your ancestors’ inherited traits, you can’t help but be truly great. When you are great it draws envy and hate,  and in their group, you might have to act fake. Now it is not too late, just contemplate or deliberate, celebrate not worry or ruminate. Listen to you inner Gods’ voice, that is so great. Now stand back and listen the debate or watch them scatter as your fake becomes real to seal the deal. He that provides the language on which we meditate is not always great.

If there is no confusion inside the confusion outside will dissipate. Find you true God identity and clear to the road to purpose.  You will have more mental space to be aware and become our Gods’ consciousness.  Wishing you your God Peace and love….