Mixed triats not mixed Race a language that displace and isolate and subjugate

Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto,” or “I am a man, I consider nothing that is human alien to me.” Maya Angelou

Frantz Fannon asserted in his writings that “he who controls the language is King.” Recently I have read and experienced where children of multiple heritage or inherited human traits are seeking and finding a language to define their identity. It appears as if this is also the case in a more diverse a European population. It appears that more and more human being from different population groups, are coming together and are using their energies to create the synergy of a child or children. This creating and creation is nothing new, the difference is that the coming together of the parents is not forced or involve trauma, as it was in the beginning. The struggle seems to be, finding a language that accurately defines the children’s identity and to a greater extent the adults. The aim here is not to define the identity of others. An identity is something that has to be defined by every individual for themselves. There are individuals who are labelled through language such as share heritage, mixed race and labelled without and not including the concept of being human.

They report facing isolation, exclusion and left without a sense of belonging, safety and security of a group unless that can identify with others who are facing the same dilemma. In a social environment, they are left excessively seeking recognition, stimulation and certainty from friends and other which leaves them vulnerable to the manipulation of others, as they seek to have healthy stable relationships. This is not always the case in every case, some are surrounded by love, affection, acceptance, and safety of a family while some end up in the care of strangers. A person identifying as black cannot understand the lived experience, a person that is white cannot abide it, even though they may empathise with it if they are aware of it and the depth of the issue on the human mind, body and spirit.

In seeking to identify who I am and how I have become, science and my own research have led me to the realisation that, I am from the human race with inherited traits of African and Caribbean ancestors and this is exciting as I am seeking further self-discovery. I have not yet signed up to ancestory.com as I am processing the impact of these differences on my soul and lived experience. Further exploration into what made people referred to me and others with similar individual inherited traits as “mixed race” has led to some astonishing revelations.

Accepting that, I am human and from the human race, has led to the search for the other race myself and others in their wonderful diversity originated from and are mixed with. What comes next might sound cliche.

The sad news is that since my searching and researching started in July 2005, I can find no evidence of another race that has ever mixed with the human race. This has dampened my enthusiasm but not enough to give the spirit. I have checked with scientific studies and with my parent and parents of children including my parents how the other race came into the mix, there was no conclusive answer. The answers are usually “a so we talk” or “a so we call brown skin people.” This has allowed me to realise that this is a misuse of the English Language again, to incorrectly label and stigmatised individuals and groups for the benefit. Yes, ask “what benefit?” The answer from the evidence is that we are just human being who has been caught up in the diversity of humanity who were never given the choice to name our identity as he who controls the language did that for us. As a result, we would have lost our autonomy and ability to choose where we belong who we become, how we think, behave and react in our mixed race skin at the same thing having the same body sensations and human biological systems running through our bodies.

Our black social and familial circle say we are too light, too white and not alright. Other say we are neither black nor white and to belong is not alright. The truth is they are correct. Human beings with inherited traits being a synergy of parents of different Origins and inherited traits are internally and externally beautiful, like a garden constituting many different flowers. They are a combination of all the greatness of their different ancestors as well as their limitations. With this awareness, they can realise the greatness of their creators and most significantly their God. If they can quite the degrading voices, rejection, and displacement, they can then hear the voice of the sources that are greater than they are in isolation. They can then recognise that they are the most unique. They can drop their comparison to a group or individual that identity as, for example as all black, all white or all brown, and recognise their gifts and that they are all around.

Challenging the myth and separating it.

You cannot mix a myth with reality and not cause confusion to our identity, it the lie started long before we were born and our present generation being labelled. Now, as human beings, we can consider if “race” is really a biological myth and a social construct and as such was developed to predict group and individual behaviours” (OCONNEL). Humanity is real, not a myth cannot be mixed with any other concept to create any other human. Science has proved this through DNA. Our eyes have seen it.

Accepting the Greatness of the synergy of inherited traits be great as you create

So I say, especially to our children. Shared heritage people of the world be proud of your identity. You are an amazing part of our humanity. Your soul is not determined by paternity, accept you synergy, it is your divinity. You should have to choose to be with one group or another, as we say in Jamaica each man is our friend each man his a brother. You will be told in words so bold, you are mixed race. “What a disgrace?!”. That is just a fix to get you out of the mix so that others can shine and not look up your behind. It not too late for you to stop isolate, or sneak through the gate, with awareness you can walk past their bait that awaits. Stop put yourself in a state, if others dont appreciate you to be intimate or rush to their gate, a patient human being will always wait. With the greatness of your ancestors’ inherited traits, you can’t help but be great. When you are great, it draws envy and hate and in their group, you might have to fake. Now, it is not too late, just contemplate, celebrate or deliberate, not worry or ruminate listen to your inner God voice that than us is so great. Now stand back and listen to the debate or watch them scatter as your fake becomes real to seal the deal. He that provides the language on which we meditate is not always great. (Anderson 2018) If there is no confusion inside the confusion outside will dissipate and clear to a road to our purpose.

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