The Importance of Knowing Thy self for Reclaiming Black Mental Wealth

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Solutions to Mental Wealth Recovery and Appreciation

We must never waver is the search for self knowledge irrespecrive of who we are, where we are, especially when we are imprisoned in our mind body or spirt. It is said that whom ever open the door to a school closes the door to a prison. The school of self-knowledge has no physical infrastructures. Yet it is the foundation that all other is built on and when the fpundation is missing all other knowledge is shaky. Good mental wealth comes from knowing thy self. Knowing thy self means knowing as much as we can about our history and our history as African descendants and as a people but more importantly know we are human. Knowing and understanding our journey to where we are now in the Caribbean, African or Europe is also a vital part of knowing self-orientation and preservation. It is imperative for us to follow that journey consciously, so we don’t wake up at a point disoriented, distorted, (self)destructive, more delusional, culturally misaligned and uncertain. Then, we need to know, remember, and be mindful of, what we are thinking and how and who started and influence our thinking now and our actions now. When we recognise these factors we can then stop and realise that, what the evidence says is that the behaviours we are externalising we internalised from the oppression that was aimed at destroying and diminishing our mental wealth.

A black’s, male’s, boy’s, man’s, female’s, girl’s, woman’s mind is being cannibalised and this behaviour is normalised in-group and externally.  The mind is just one part of the collection of mental wealth. We can talk about the body and spirit in next time and space. There I have said it. Me was taught to think in my early life experiences by some well-thinking men and women in Jamaica, until later in life when I entered the work and academic spaces of Europe and, almost lost my black mind and black concept of self with it, had I not found a position to resist and learn with some well-meaning educators of mind and others of spirit. I was taught to think wider by some well-meaning and thinking men and women in other parts of our world to create unique thinking and vision of how to be with an improved consciousness. These teachings, lessons, experiences and the awareness that I have achieved has allowed me to see the wealth in black man mental health, and the consequences for his mind-body and spirit resulting in the stripping away the prejudices of difference and the ability to discriminate between being human and being an object. I mean being able to notice the difference between being seen as a person and depersonalised or being human or being dehumanised.

Reclaiming Thy Mental Wealth

Reclaiming the mental wealth of the black man or person will be by no means an easy feat and cannot be done in isolation. The mentally wealthy black man or person is threatening in most environments even their own. More than one black man with mental wealth is even more fear-provoking than the one in isolation and under attack not just from racism but also from the internalised behaviours of his own environment. Start observing our behaviours towards our sons and shift our focus of attention just for a moment from the external forces of race, gender, class, culture and look at our personal engagement. Listen to the criticisms that come from the lack of understanding that he has lost his sense of purpose, enjoyment, achievement, ability to be intimate and safe in his behaviours and the refusal to integrate him socially before the system incarcerate him. Now, look what our daughters are left with for the future their future, for both the boy and the girl, can you see the future?

I can hear voices of our saying he is worthless, useless, good for nothing, lazy, I mean literally as I sit with them in conversation. You would be amazed at the answer they five when asked, “who taught you to criticise yourself like that” I see his sons listening, internalising the words and becoming an image of the description and becoming that man tomorrow, next week, next month next year, next five years the next sixteen years. Our sons are our future men and future partners for our daughters too.

Being depressed is not a good reason to avoid the responsibility of a village. I am not justifying irresponsibility. My aim is to draw awareness of what appears to be an invisible potent self-destructive narrative fed to our children with their meals. We know it is not invisible, it is more like its painful to see, so it drawing attention to what is painful to see as we avoid looking.

It is not easy to share real stories with strangers and the more we share is the more vulnerable we become but more human in our lived and living experience and we begin to become informed. There is nothing impossible under the sun.

If you know who you are or is becoming a black man or person, you can realise your wealth. Your wealth will come from the change in your thinking, accepting your feelings and changing your behaviours that are mal-adaptive and irresponsible.

As men, we might even become more aware and choose how you use our sperm to create the synergies of life for our future. There is experiential evidence that the universe is perfectly aligned and a balanced equation. The positive changes one side of the gender equation can only mean a positive change on the other side as we arrive back to the position as one part of our wealth creator and creating to discover our true spirit, mind, body wealth. If the children are well we are well the future will be well and with wellness, there is true wealth. There can be no physical health without mental health and no awareness we are not well if we don’t know who we are, how we are, where we are as a person and a people.