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The service

Cognitive Behavioural Transformation offers a service with young people, individuals and couples. This is done with compassion, understanding, empathy, and realness. Customers who are ready create a shift to positive thinking, will experience a positive change in behaviours to achieve positive progress, improvement and recovery in their day to day life.  The goal of the service is to support customers to experience a greater sense of purpose, enjoyment, achievement, closeness, energy or engagement (peace).The service is situated close to the city centre of Birmingham, West Midlands.

At the heart of the service offered with young people, adult individuals, couples and families, is the possibility to achieve or recover positive mental, physical, emotional health and wellbeing. Cognitive Behavioural Transformation uses a range of proven psychological interventions from Cognitive Behavioural Science, counselling and mentoring to teach effective life skills. 

We work together achieve the customers goal through effective change of negative automatic thoughts and dysfunctional behaviours causing emotional, physiological and other distress.   Additionally the service offers treatment for mental health disorder associated with depression and anxiety disorders.

Couples and families who engage and practicing the new life skills will experience significant improvement in their relationships as they improve communication, closeness, connections as they change their focus of attention from what’s wrong In their relationship to what are their strengths.

•Depression symptom management/Low self-esteem 

Anxiety symptom management 

  • Generalised anxiety
    • Health anxiety
    • Post trauma
    • Social anxiety
    • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (ÒCD)
    • Panic disorder
    • Couple relationship improvements
    • Anger management
    • Communication skills training
    • Self esteem and self improvement
    • Young people support – individual and group
    • Self awareness workshops 
    • Parent and child relationship support
    • Personal development skills training
    • Post domestic violence and abuse intervention


Clients can access the service by contacting me by email: cbt-counselling@outlook.com or telephone: 07985228509.
Please note-Clients must refer themselves to the service and must be motivated or is willing to be motivated to change. Interventions are offered through face to face engagement. There is an initial meeting or assessment to determine the goal for engagement.

Creating the change you agreed

photo of men having conversation
Photo by nappy on Pexels.com

The service